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dMeetings Launches and Extends Learning Management System Functionality to its Clients

JACKSONVILLE, FL., September 30, 2017 – dMeetings LLC has integrated a Learning Management System (LMS) that will track student progress and comprehension throughout their Diabetes Self-Management Education course. This will allow health coaches and health care professionals to efficiently track patient progress through coursework. The company has integrated their courses with learning management software to allow students and administrators to monitor all progress throughout the patient education process. “In order to manage even thousands of students at a time and assure comprehension, we have implemented an LMS in conjunction with diabetes patient education,” says dMeetings CEO and founder Brad Bellingrath. Bellingrath emphasizes the importance of comprehension in any learning environment, especially in online learning.

“The LMS will offer clients significant functionality to manage and monitor student progress through assigned coursework,” says Bellingrath. “This functionality supports the overall student and administrator experience with the course.” Learning Management Systems are used in nearly every educational environment in order for administrators to track large numbers of students and for students to monitor their progress. “These systems function to help administrators keep students from falling through the cracks and to keep education and comprehension in focus for both student and the educator” says Bellingrath.

The LMS is designed to be provisioned and branded for dMeetings clients. Each client will be provisioned an instance of the coursework along with the inherent Learning Management System features for student management and tracking. Clients then have the ability to establish patients and even groups of patients in the portal, thus giving administrators the ability to monitor the progress of large numbers of learners.

Deploying a Learning Management System has remained a priority for dMeetings from its inception. With the functionality of an LMS, there are many advantages for learners and administrators alike. “Moving forward, by implementing an LMS, dMeetings is now able to provide clients with substantial capabilities to hold students accountable throughout the process,” says Bellingrath. For more information contact dMeetings at 1-800-824-6243, visit, or book an appointment online to meet with a representative.

About dMeetings LLC

dMeetings ignited innovative patient education in 2011 with the launch of online diabetes self-management education and support for patients and providers. Nearly a decade later, dMeetings remains deeply committed to patient education. By producing high-quality online courses, in the broader space of chronic diseases, the company promotes effective instruction for patients to live healthier lifestyles while managing their condition responsibly. dMeetings has championed the online patient education revolution with its easily accessible and economical content offered to organizations at all levels including healthcare payers, providers, departments of health, and employers across the nation.


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