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dMeetings and Real Balance Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Diabetes Continuing Education to


dMeetings and Real Balance Announce Strategic Partnership to Offer Diabetes Continuing Education to Health Coaches and Professionals

JACKSONVILLE, FL., November 5, 2018 – dMeetings LLC and Real Balance Global Wellness Services INC. announce today their partnership offering diabetes continuing education to health coaches and professionals. With the belief that diabetes care starts with patient education, Real Balance views dMeetings as the perfect partner to help maximize their contributions to diabetes health and wellness coaches. Real Balance’s clients deliver diabetes education in order to reduce diabetes-related expenses that plague the economy. They are offering dMeetings online education courses directly to their health coaches as continuing education, which include nurses, dietitians, lifestyle medicine professionals, and yoga instructors.

Real Balance’s CEO, Dr. Michael Arloski, was a member of the originating group that formed the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, formally known as the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching. “Main requirements for approval by the NBHWC include your faculty being very high standard, your curriculum should have a solid healthy lifestyle component, and documentation of at least 50 coaching sessions completed by faculty members,” said Deborah Arloski as she describes the seriousness of being properly positioned in the marketplace and gaining approval by the national board. Deborah currently serves as Real Balance’s Operations Director.

Real Balance prioritizes creating allies for a healthy world and their partnership with dMeetings is evident. By combining the resources and provisions of both organizations, online diabetes education will continue to be distributed at maximum levels. “We’ve been in the business a long time and people still consider us the best,” said Arloski. “Dr. Michael Arloski is pretty much the father of the field and he’s still involved in every aspect of health coaching.” Both Deborah Arloski and dMeetings CEO, Brad Bellingrath, look forward to the combined outcomes of their partnership.

Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc. provides the leading edge in wellness and health coach training, behavioral change tools, wellness coach program consultation, and resources for all wellness coaches and wellness coaching programs around the world. Their Wellness Mapping 360°™ methodology provides a systematic framework for wellness and healthcare professionals to work with their clients and patients in making the positive lifestyle changes they need to make to increase health and well-being.

dMeetings ignited innovative patient education in 2011 with the launch of online diabetes self-management education and support for patients and providers. Nearly a decade later, dMeetings remains deeply committed to patient education. By producing high-quality online courses, in the broader space of chronic diseases, the company promotes effective instruction for patients to live healthier lifestyles while managing their condition responsibly. dMeetings has championed the online patient education revolution with its easily accessible and economical content offered to organizations at all levels including healthcare payers, providers, departments of health, and employers across the nation.

Brad Bellingrath, dMeetings LLC

(904) 730-8111

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