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dMeetings hires COO to assure client success


dMeetings hires COO to assure client success

JACKSONVILLE, FL., Oct. 3, 2018 – dMeetings LLC announces today that it has hired a Chief Operating Officer, Michael Caira, to assure client success. Leading the way in customer service, communications and marketing, Caira will support numerous client organizations on a daily basis.

“We’re very fortunate to be a remote, online-based company,” Caira notes as he describes how the flexibility of his position allows dMeetings to reach large organizations including the many State Departments of Health they work with.

dMeetings content is unique in its delivery and usage and serves a varied set of clients that seek to help their constituents better manage diabetes. As COO, Caira will train clients to take full advantage of the dMeetings portal being provisioned and what’s available for their use, how to analyze usage reports, and help them in their marketing efforts.

It’s a huge priority for clients to motivate their patients to successfully navigate and complete the content that’s taught in the courses. Caira helps clients fully utilize the registration and sign-ups purchased, referred to as “seats”, assisting the client with proper positioning based on their goals for using the content. Caira further educate employers, partners, and clients on how to maximize platform usage, and facilitates the content to professionals ensuring they’re motivated and empowered to extend the solution.

“Our delivery is most definitely innovative in the chronic disease space as it’s online and only one of a few companies that do what we do,” said Caira.

dMeetings ignited innovative patient education in 2011 with the launch of online diabetes self-management education and support for patients and providers. Nearly a decade later, dMeetings remains deeply committed to patient education by producing high-quality online courses, in the broader space of chronic diseases, promoting effective instruction for patients to live healthier lifestyles while managing their condition responsibly. dMeetings has championed the online patient education revolution with its easily accessible and economical content offered to organizations at all levels including healthcare payers, providers, departments of health, and employers across the nation.

Brad Bellingrath, dMeetings LLC

(904) 730-8111

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