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An Investment in Good Health starts by Partnering with dMeetings


dMeetings is a unique initiative aimed at making chronic disease education available to everyone from individuals to health care providers and from pharmaceuticals to health care payers, dMeetings would like to speak with you!


Founded and created by people living for heart health and with diabetes and by professional patient educators, dMeetings is currently seeking to partner with a wide range of supporters. Whether you are a patient, provider or health care payer, we would love to discuss mutual opportunities with you. Please contact us to have an initial conversation!

Partner with us

Our Partners


Real Balance GWS provides the leading edge in wellness/health coach training, behavioral change tools, wellness coach program consultation, and resources for all wellness coaches and wellness coaching programs around the world.

dMeetings has partnered with Real Balance to help educate health and wellness professionals while also extending patient education to employers, their employees, insurance companies and their members as well as to providers and their patients.

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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