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Arkansas Department of Health Signs on with dMeetings for Online Diabetes Patient Education


Arkansas Department of Health Signs on with dMeetings for Online Diabetes Patient Education

JACKSONVILLE, FL., March 13, 2018 – Arkansas Department of Health signs on with dMeetings to offer online Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) to its diabetes population. “Diabetes is a huge epidemic in the state that lacks proper resources and support,” says Arkansas Diabetes Section Chief Rachel Johnson. “Because Arkansas is mostly rural, there are many areas that lack recognized DSMES programs.” Due to the barriers in these rural areas such as limited personal and public transportation, limited access to healthcare, and the abundance of unhealthy options, it was time to deploy a solution to change diabetes health trajectory in the state.

“I have been approached by diabetes patients who are employees of companies that work nights or 10-hour days,” says Johnson. “Most of these patients stated they really didn’t want to participate in the DSMES program, because their work and sleep schedules made it very difficult.” According to Johnson, dMeetings eliminates barriers like these, allowing patient access on their time and when it’s convenient for them. Further, they can stop, start, rewind, and pause whenever they need to.

Not only does dMeetings offer meaningful support for the Arkansas diabetes population, it also helps Arkansas nurses gain professional education by working in diabetes education. This helps them to document the 2,000 hours in diabetes patient interaction needed to prepare them to sit for their Certified Diabetes Educators exam. “This helps us build up our internal infrastructure to possibly one day become a DSMES state health department provider,” says Johnson. Johnson has high hopes for improving the state of diabetes in Arkansas and remains confident that dMeetings is a solid tool for improvement.

“People living with diabetes need to know how to live a fulfilling life with the disease,” says Johnson. “dMeetings significantly impacts lives with its online structure and I firmly believe that everyone with diabetes should be allowed to have choices and options to better their lives and properly manage their disease.” Johnson is optimistic for the successes dMeetings will bring everyone affected by diabetes statewide.

dMeetings ignited innovative patient education in 2011 with the launch of online diabetes self-management education and support for patients and providers. Nearly a decade later, dMeetings remains deeply committed to patient education. By producing high-quality online courses, in the broader space of chronic diseases, the company promotes effective instruction for patients to live healthier lifestyles while managing their condition responsibly. dMeetings has championed the online patient education revolution with its easily accessible and economical content offered to organizations at all levels including healthcare payers, providers, departments of health, and employers across the nation.

Brad Bellingrath, dMeetings LLC

(904) 730-8111

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