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Diabetes Management for Individuals and Health Care Pro's
dMeetings for Health Care Providers
An Exceptional Opportunity To Provide
Extraordinary Care


dMeetings gives health care providers the ability to conveniently
provide diabetes education  straight from their office, through the
web and/or through email communication.


Regardless of where and when the patient chooses on to use it, dMeetings is easily
accessible from anywhere on the web. This offers health care providers the chance to
satisfy patient demand and extend the reach of patient care for people living with diabetes. 
Further, providers have the opportunity to better serve the patient creating patient loyalty
by leveraging the dMeetings web series incorporated into their practice.


All members of dMeetings have the option to customize the content with their unique name and/or brand associated with all of the content. The content is then managed through username and password credentials with complete access to usage reporting indicating
who has viewed the content, the date and time of viewing as well as from what location it was viewed.


The content is easy to access and will be embedded or linked into any email that may be sent.

dMeetings for Employers and Health Plans
Looking For Ways to Save on
Health Care Costs?


dMeetings helps employers and health plans in their mission to
better serve their members and employees while reducing health
care costs.  By offering diabetes education and wellness content
straight to employees and members these organizations can realize
tremendous cost savings while extending value to the employee
or member!  With the comprehensive program produced by dMeetings,
organizations can now offer this content to their populations who either
have diabetes or to their caretakers.


Now, employers and health plans can realize significant returns by making diabetes management highly available and convenient. By leveraging online diabetes content our clients and members can realize reduced health care costs and increased patient productivity through this comprehensive program.


Further, all members and subscribers of dMeetings have complete control over the branding of the content by applying their own brand directly to their sessions. The content can then be further managed through unique login tracking and reporting indicating who's watching, what, when, for how long and from where. The content can also be easily made available, positioned and communicated on any website as well as embedded in email communications.

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