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Diabetes Education Online - Wellness Series
Ongoing education,   wellness and support  are an important
part of managing
your health.

Diabetes Wellness Series

The dMeetings Wellness Program is an ongoing comprehensive series where new sessions are produced focusing on important subjects such as nutrition, physical activity, coping, monitoring, medicines, etc.


Within each session, the dMeetings team features a subject matter expert to present relevant information on the topic being discussed.  The expert then provides an in-depth view of the reasons behind proper diabetes management with a focus on developing efficient habits and better choices.


All presenters help relate information with the many diverse realities of living with diabetes, so participants can aggressively implement them into their own personal plan for better diabetes management. Further, dMeetings hosts always help participants stay focused and involved using the multimedia and collaborative features of the webcasting technology.


This is done by relating participant questions and feedback to the dMeetings resident Diabetes Educator or (CDE).  They further help guide participants through other technical opportunities like accessing additional relevant information, web polls and surveys throughout the program.

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