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Stay Healthy & Better Manage
Your Diabetes

With Diabetes Education

  • 5 Hours Of Engaging Video Content

  • Featuring Nationally Recognized Diabetes Educators

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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The Tools You Need to Take Control of Your Diabetes

With the dMeetings web series, discover how to manage diabetes in 10 easy and professionally produced sessions.


dMeetings is a comprehensive course that provides over 5 hours of engaging informative and fun content. This is the full course known as DSME that doctors and health plans prescribe to patients and care takers alike, all to better manage your diabetes!

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No Shortcuts Here

Managing your diabetes can be a heavy lift, but this convenient course can help you achieve the positive outcomes you’re looking for!  The series is based on 7 core behaviors of managing diabetes that will systematically take you through the process from learning healthy eating habits to best physical activity practices and much more.


Learn how to manage the condition in this easy to understand course of over 5 hours of jam-packed web sessions. The series also includes bonus sessions, quizzes and comprehensive self-study resources.

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The Problem

Nearly 10% of the world’s population wrestles with this condition. The cost of diabetes is high, from medications, absenteeism, presentism time spent at the doctors office and pharmacy and the sheer extra time it takes to manage the condition, it’s expensive! And uncontrolled diabetes can lead to significant complications such as heart disease, blindness, amputation and a shortened lifespan. Take care of yourself, feel better and discover how to better manage the condition…do it for those you love!

Your Solution

Take control of the situation now! Reduce stress in your life, apply healthy eating habits and learn how to live a physically active life that targets your diabetes. This is the perfect time to better manage your condition, save on healthcare expenses and just start feeling better with dMeetings!

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About dMeetings

We created dMeetings to provide a convenient and economical solution to managing diabetes. Our vision is to provide an online resource to help you easily learn how to manage your diabetes, all online. All dMeetings sessions are hosted by Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES’s) who are focused on effective and positive patient outcomes.

With dMeetings, you’ll never have to worry about being informed. We are deeply committed to addressing the many facets of diabetes management and answering your questions.

dMeetings is your partner on your journey in living a better life and reducing your healthcare costs.

Erin Palinski-Wade

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Meet Our Instructors

Get your training from either Jerry or Erin, whoever you prefer! We give you the flexibility to learn from either instructor! 



Jerry Meece



Jerry is a speaker and key opinion leader, recognized both nationally and internationally in diabetes care and education.  Jerry frequently publishes articles and presents in all areas of diabetes self-management training and care.  He has received national awards for his diabetes education program and has been featured in numerous professional journals.  He became the first ADA Recognized pharmacist/program in the country and continues to serve patients in diabetes education and management.  He has also lead various clinical trails as well as serving as Clinical Director for the Texas Diabetes Projects, a successful pilot program for establishing the value of pharmacists in on-site diabetes education.  Jerry has been a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist for the past 19 years.
Specialties: Diabetes education and self-management, specializing in complex and difficult to manage diabetes patients.

Erin Palinski-Wade is a nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert who has contributed her expertise to national media outlets such as the CBS Early Show, The Doctors, ABC News, and CBS News. She operates a private practice in New Jersey and frequently serves as a media spokesperson, nutrition consultant, and speaker. She is the author of “Belly Fat Diet For Dummies,” “2 Day Diabetes Diet,” and co-author of “Flat Belly Cookbook For Dummies.” Erin specializes in the areas of diabetes, weight management, sports nutrition, and cardiovascular disease. Erin serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Diabetes & You Magazine, the largest diabetes print magazine in the US. She is also a contributing writer to Costco Diabetes Magazine.

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Check Out The Training

Discover how to manage your diabetes in 10 easy and professionally produced, peer reviewed sessions! 

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