Frequently Asked Questions

What is dMeetings?

dMeetings is a diabetes education, wellness and support web series. Through dMeetings
health care providers, can extend comprehensive andbranded diabetes education and
wellness sessions to their patients.

What comes with a dMeetings membership?

Two series are available now, an eight part Diabetes Self Management and Education (DSME) program as well as an ongoing (two new titles each month!) Wellness and Support series.  Telephonic Coaching is also an option, either in group webinar settings or one on one.  Coaching services are offered to help participants set and achieve specific health goals and outcomes, as well as clarify and expand on topics covered.  The series is always growing though,
so please check back for new additions to our content to include sessions targeted to younger and older demographics, Spanish speaking sessions and a four part series on Pre-Diabetes.


Who can best utilize the dMeetings program?

Whether embedded in a patient outreach, associated with a pharmaceutical or product or even extended to some other a patient market, dMeetings comprehensive education and wellness programming can be branded for any health care provider’s program.


dMeetings programming…Whather to be used in a wellness program or just promoted to individual policy holders,
or extended to patients by healthcare providers, dMeetings aims to help in the reduction of health care costs,
increase in patient productivity and overall drive improvement of patient wellness.

How much does a dMeetings membership cost?

Extended by view or by participant.  Please reference the table below…

Is the program interactive?

Yes!  Participants can ask questions of dMeetings professionals as well as participate in web polls.  Not only can you
get answers to your questions but participants can also hear how others are dealing with situations and benefit from the dMeetings participant community as a whole.

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